David Carpenter



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Banjo Lessons

Banjo Lessons, pp 10-11 (2:35Min/1.8MB)

Courting Saskatchewan

MP3Courting Saskatchewan, pp 77-79 (4:08Min/2.9MB)

God's Bedfellows

MP3God's Bedfellows, pp 173-175 (5:29Min/3.9MB)


MP3Jewels, pp 17-18 (4:27Min/3.1MB)

Jokes for the Apocalypse

MP3Jokes for the Apocalypse, "Luce", pp 62-64 (4:02Min/2.8MB)




The Ketzer

The Ketzer, pp 38-44 (10:29Min/7.4MB)

Trout Stream Creed

MP3Trout1, pp 68-72 (3:13Min/2.8MB)

MP3Trout2, pp 90-91 (1:25Min/1.0MB)

MP3Trout3, pp 103 (1:28Min/1.0MB)

MP3Trout4, pp 87-89 (2:08Min/1.5MB)

Writing Home

MP3Writing Home, pp 76-77 (2:58Min/2.1MB)


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