David Carpenter

In writing a novel you're trying to catch the glitter and surface of the society you've created. You're trying to catch the surface of reality in all kinds of ways; but the real action is below the surface.

You're sending out your word, your lines, and you're trying to plumb the depths without knowing exactly what's down there.






The Gold - David Carpenter



The Gold

The Gold is the tale of an Englishman who emigrates to Canada to prospect up north for gold in the 1930s.  

He encounters his greatest success, and his greatest perils, around Yellowknife and further north.  Unlike the hero who dies valiantly, Joe Burbidge has to live out his life burdened by hollow victories and his need to atone for them. The Gold is an adventurous yarn and a serious, touching novel all in one.


Carpenter's new novel is now in bookstores.

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